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  Waver Maker

Wave makers control the power heads in the aquarium by sequencing them on and off to simulate the natural current of the ocean environment. All the experts agree, “Water movement in  aquarium is one of the most important factors in aquarium health, fish as well as coral”. Wave makers provide the aquarium with the means to control water circulation. Wave makers create surge and turbulence which keep the tank healthy. Corals rely on water currents to provide food and oxygen as well as removal of waste. Algae grows in areas where circulation is poor. By providing better circulation wave makers allow a better gas exchange at the tank surface. This allows CO2 to be released and oxygen to be acquired. Fish enjoy the currents and get a cardiovascular workout, keeping them healthy as well. The complex water movement provided by a wave maker allows the filter to act upon all of the water in the tank - top to bottom. The circulation benefits can even keep diseases like “white spot” from appearing.

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