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  Heating Cable

Wavereef LV heating cable is suitable for various aquariums,tarrariums and vivariums. It is made of flexible high-quality silicon cable. It is good to promote the growth of water plants or act as the stable heating source for reptile. When it is used together with titanium heater in the large marine aquarium, it is easy to raise the water temperature to the satasfactory level. With the sucker included, it is easy to be positioned at the bottom of the glass tank.

Model No. INPUT VOLT FREQUENCY TANK VOL. Power Cabler Length
HC-300 100~120/220~240V 50/60Hz 20-60L 15W 3m
HC-500 100~120/220~240V 50/60Hz 40-80L 25W 5m
HC-600 100~120/220~240V 50/60Hz 60-160L 35W 6m
HC-800 100~120/220~240V 50/60Hz 120-320L 65W 8m

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